If you see a turquoise box with a white ribbon, one company or brand will probably pop up in your mind. Tiffany & Co., the celebrated luxury jeweler. This brand has become synonymous with sophistication as well as elegance. Alongside their reputation, they are best known for their signature color – Tiffany Blue. A color which symbolizes serenity, wholeness, and creativity. Turquoise or the Tiffany Blue color is adored by many women and even men around the world. Do you love the color Turquoise and want to incorporate it in your home? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered!

Tiffany Blue, A Short History

Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany selected the color known as Tiffany Blue for the cover of Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels. At times referred to as robin’s-egg blue or forget-me-not blue, Tiffany has turned their distinctive shade into an international icon of elegance and sophistication. From the moment you set your eyes upon Tiffany’s cool and fresh aquatic blue shade, a color that speaks to the vibrancy and escape, you are immediately transported into a world filled with luxury and delight.

Tiffany Blue Home Accessories

Looking for more pieces of furniture or ways to add this gorgeous Tiffany Blue color to your home accessories? Here are some stuff you will probably like:


Throw Pillow

Add a cozy-chic touch to any room with this beautiful and luxurious bright turquoise throw pillow.

A colorful or vibrant throw pillow will add a pop of color to wherever you place it (maybe in a white themed room). Would look best on your living room sofa or chair or toss it along with the other throw pillows in your bed. 

Decorative Throw Pillows – $27.99

Tea Kettle

If you’re looking for a functional decor to add to your home, specifically your kitchen. A lovely Tiffany Blue kitchen accessory can make a difference. Like this cute tea kettle, it’s very functional and a piece that you will surely enjoy. 

2-Quart Sunrise Teakettle – $29.99


Chair or Bench  

Still looking for the perfect chair to add to your makeup room? Why don’t you try a bench? A turquoise bench can serve as your focal point in your makeup room or any room. It’s very feminine, and the color is spot on. How about an elegant chair for your dining area? A Tiffany Blue chair in your kitchen will add chicness and sophistication.

Elsinore Accent Chair TEAL – $448

Scott Living Cheyenne Fabric Sofa Bed with Accent Pillows in Turquoise Blue


How about some towels for your bathroom? These elegant and fluffy bath towels are a good addition to your bathroom. (They’d also make a great housewarming gift!) Subtly add a splash of color to your bathroom with these bath towels!

Coniston Turquoise Towels design – $15

Turkish Bath Towel Set for Decorative Bathroom – $44.95

Accent Wall  

An accent wall is another great way to incorporate the Tiffany Blue color into your home. It brightens up the space and just makes a beautiful addition to your home. It also has a calming effect, so that’s a plus!

Tiffany Blue
Turquoise Japanese Silk Wallpaper – $650

Turquoise is a pretty color. It’s refreshing, calming and overall a gorgeous pop of color to any home. What’s your favorite home accessory? Leave a comment below!

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