Steampunk decor has been making waves in the last decade, but perhaps you are among the crowd that is not too familiar with the details. Actually, a steampunk party would be ‘lit’ if you have an upcoming celebration. Age does not matter! Whether you are a millennial, Gen X, Gen Y, or Gen Z, a 19th century space-age, industrial steampunk-themed party would suit you.


But how do you go about decorating a steampunk-themed party? Let’s go mechanical as we go through a list of some fun steampunk party decor ideas!


Planning a Steampunk Party

Before you buy any decor for your steampunk party, set out a plan. Will you be sending out invitations? How about the menu? To have a better overview of your tasks, create a to-do list and a mood board.

Steampunk Party Decorating Ideas

Ready to go full steam ahead with your steampunk party? Here are some fantastic decorating ideas:



Invitations are technically not decor, but you want to make an impression to your guests and excite them. Announce the event with style to increase their anticipation! And what better way to do it than sending out steampunk themed invitations. There are some excellent pre-made options you can buy below or you can DIY them.

Steampunk Gears and Blue Screen Party Invitations – $20


Steampunk Party
Steampunk Octopus, Blank Card Invitation Pack – $9.95

Party Banner

What’s a party without a nice banner? You can buy a banner that matches your invitation or do it yourself. Print out a few of your desired design on card stock, decorate them with glitters, and hang them on a thread. Here’s a cool tutorial by Michelle’s Party Plan-It that you can use as a guide.

Steampunk Party
Glitter Cardstock Paper – $13.99


“Steampunkify” your tables by replacing your plain tablecloths with those that have clocks, machines, or any similar prints that give an “industrial” feel to better suit the occasion. Talk about leveling up your steampunk party!

Antique Items Watches Keys and Chains – $27.95


Steampunk Party
The Gears in The Style of Steampunk – $34.95

Steampunk Top Hat

Place some steampunk top hats on tables or give them out to your guests to wear during the event. It’s a great novelty item for its fun, industrial Victorian design.

Steampunk Top Hat – $24.99

Victorian Steampunk Light

A party without lights is no party at all! For your lighting, set up some vintage hanging light bulbs or repaint your old lantern with copper-colored spray paint. It’s a nice addition to your party decor. Better yet, place one on every table as a centerpiece.

Vintage Pendant Light Kit Cord – $28.99
Black Metal 15 LED Hurricane Lantern – $13

Steampunk Art

Steampunk inspired art pieces are another easy and cheap decor to add to your party. You can print some yourself — images of wheels and pipes, vintage machinery, clockwork, Jules Verne or George Orwell. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you will find lots of beautiful and inexpensive graphics arts on Etsy.

Bathroom Patent Wall Art Prints – $19.95
Steam Punk Cat Dictionary Book Page Artwork – $11.99

Rotating Steampunk Wheel Photo Frame

Display your photos or steampunk inspired images on a wheel as an addition to your table setup; your guests will have fun looking at it.

Rotating Ferris Wheel Photo Frame – $22.99


Wall Art

Last but not least, make your party more memorable with this steampunk photo backdrop. Your guests will certainly enjoy taking snapshots with a cool steampunk background.

Photoshoot Backdrop – $25.55

Which of these steampunk party decorating ideas are your favorites? Leave a comment below and show us your steampunk inspired party.

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