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9.2These durable little cups are thoughtfully designed and the best answer to idiot-proofing your hot drinks.

Making Modern sent me mugs to review, thanks, guys!

First, I’m coming into the eye of a head cold hurricane, so if I’m ever less eloquent than usual, you’ll have to let me slide.

So, let me get right into it: I was dubious about the manufacturers claims of their near unbreakableness and ability to handle hot and cold drinks, so I took my 2 mugs out for a test drive at the day job. Verdict? These fun little mugs won me over in a day.

holds just about the same as a standard travel mug (I’d say I had about an ounce and a half of coffee left)
  1. Aesthetic: If you’re into modern minimal design, these are right up your alley. As an industrial decor nerd, I wasn’t sure if these would be something that incorporated well into my current dish and mug collection, but the gray, slightly-textured surface of these actually made these a really organic fit.
  2. Construction: They’re like a cross between stone and plastic, lightweight but with a little oomph to them

Road test:

  1. Size: They handle about the volume of your average travel mug
  2. Idiot-proofness: I used these both with pre-made drip coffee and in my tea/coffee pod machine. In both instances, I was able to handle the mugs immediately without any burns or discomfort. The trick is to cup it towards the bottom and pay attention to the label (I fully admit I had no clue why I was supposed to put my pinky where the label told me to. It’s not like a “poke here” but more to stabilize your hold of the cup. Hopefully, you’re smarter than me when it comes to reading comprehension, but if you were feeling confused, too, I gotchu.)

    for holding, not poking (in case you’re not smart like me)
  3. Durability: Here you go, video proof of my inability to break these. 1 MYMUG + Ceramic kitchen tile + a cringing Megan = this video:

Also, they handled the top rack of my dishwasher like a champ.

I never tried anything too cold in these because that’s not really my jam, but I have to say these durable mugs are incredible and going to be my new shiny object for guests who stay with us and want something hot to drink!

I know this sounds like a shill post; I wish I had bad things to say about them but in all honesty, they’re the little mugs that could. You should give these guys a go, especially for easy holiday gifts that no one else is thinking of. Check them out on Kickstarter now!

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  1. Everything you wrote about the mug is so spot on! I got my hands on a prototype of the 12oz mug and love using it for everything. One thing that I noticed is that this mug does not retain the after taste of coffee (like a lot of my reusable to-go mugs do) which is amazing! So I can go from using it for my coffee in the morning to a fresh glass of water right after, no problems. The aesthetic works is so simple, yet so smart and I am always thankful for a product that my clumsy self can’t break. Already ordered 4 more 12oz on Kickstarter!

    1. oh, what a good point, I hadn’t even thought about coffee aftertastes! I think I might try to pick up one of the sets with lids, I really like that feature and might be able to finally replace my grody travel mug

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