I have a suspicion that the upstairs bathroom in the house was a former closet due to it’s teeny tiny size. It’s so small, in fact, that I can’t get a full picture of the room:

Upstairs bathroom - before upstairs bathroom before

The smallness of this bathroom is going to be its saving grace to me, because I plan to really rehab this into a dramatic bathroom. By painting it bold colors, I know that it won’t make the room feel bigger, but it’ll definitely have a statement behind it. Also, I’m hopeful that someday we’ll be able to built it out into a bigger bathroom, but that’s a few years down the road.


  • Angled ceilings
  • Tiny Space
  • No Window
  • Tile-a-palooza
  • No storage

My inspiration:



Is this not just BRILLIANT?
Is this not just BRILLIANT?


Mostly for the hanging plants
Mostly for the hanging plants


Thank you so much, IKEA hacker out there, for this fantastic idea
Thank you so much, IKEA hacker out there, for this fantastic idea


My Plans:

  • Rip out tile
  • Install baseboard
  • Paint door black to match other doors on 2nd floor
  • New handle for door
  • Add shelf and cabinet to sink
  • Paint walls deep blue and use crinkle method to give a leather look
  • Replace flooring
  • Research plants that don’t need direct sunlight (or use fake plants)
  • Use plants on ledge above shower
  • New mirror or add frame around current mirror
  • Install ledge and cabinet under pedestal sink

My shopping list:

I have no idea about the light fixtures…suggestions?

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