Ever since I started this blog, it’s been a goal of mine to participate in the One Room Challenge…and as luck would have it, I actually remembered that goal right around when registration had begun for this current iteration.

Originally, I had planned to turn my basement from the unfinished weird structure it was into the studio for my upcoming project: Reserved Stock.

But then it rained.

A lot.

And that’s how we found out we didn’t have a sump pump (and learned what a sump pump was). Our weird little basement had about a quarter inch of water through it. Add onto that the fact that we’re watching season 1 of American Horror Story and you know…suddenly I’m not so interested in renovating my basement.

So my Plan B had to come pretty fast, and necessity pointed me to the answer: Our kitchen!

(Necessity being that our faucet is kaputz).

So now is the push to get this kitchen in gear! Unfortunately for this challenge, there isn’t going to be a crazy huge renovation since we’ve recently stained the cabinets and bought all new appliances. But I’ve still got some tricks up my sleeve!

One Room Challenge plans:

  • Update laundry room doors (as lamented about in this post)
  • Add succulent wall to hide weird plaster
  • Replace faucet
  • Backsplash decisions
  • Stretch goal: countertops
  • Not happening now but someday: new exhaust fan + light over stove

Our Aesthetic

This will not be a bright and shiny room….well, maybe shiny, but not bright. I love the melodrama and industrial feel of dark metals and old looking things, so a lot of these updates are going to be based on various shades of copper and patina. It’s my goal to make our kitchen look more like an industrial warehouse than a country cottage.

My inspiration pics:


So stay tuned for part 1 of the One Room Challenge beginning next week!

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  1. Stopping by from the ORC link up! I am doing my kitchen as well (sometimes think I totally lost my senses!!) I am really glad to be following your progress as your style is the complete opposite of my own, but I am really drawn to the finishes you have planned!

  2. Oh wow – that inspiration door is something else! I’ve never seen anything like that… what an interesting texture that’ll bring to the room.
    Good luck!

  3. I LOVE that copper backsplash inspiration photo! I think darker dramatic kitchens are amazing – I can’t wait to follow along with yours 🙂

  4. Huge bummer about your basement! But looking forward to following along on the kitchen makeover. Love your aesthetic!

  5. It’s a shame about your basement, but good on you for finding the silver lining and going for your kitchen! Hopefully it turns out well! Although I’m sure it will 😉

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