How lovely it is to see kids playing happily. If you’re planning a family reunion or you just want to give the kids a change of scene, having a picnic or eating out is a great idea. However, we all know that sometimes, it can be a challenge to feed them snacks other than the regular pasta, candies, or chocolates. This is why we’ve thought you might enjoy these healthy and delicious outdoor kid-approved snacks.

Kid-Approved Snacks, Is That Even Possible?

Because of technology, it’s getting harder to have kids play outside. Most of them would rather play with their phones or tablets in the comfort of their own home. So having a snack that your kids will enjoy is definitely a plus point to keep them happy outside.


Easy Outdoors Kid-Approved Snacks

Satisfy your kids’ taste buds with these easy kid-approved snacks:


Hotdogs and mallows with a twist

Ingredients and items needed:


Here’s how we did it:


  1. We boiled some water for the cocktail hotdogs and the eggs were boiled on a separate pot.
  2. The hotdogs were washed with running water and both ends have been sliced in quarter.
  3. We placed a pinch of salt and pepper in boiling water and 1/4 butter.  Do not put in anything before the water boils (the water will reach its boiling point much longer if you do, and that means more gas or electricity consumption for you). The boiling water was stirred for a minute or less, to make sure the butter totally melts, then we carefully added the hotdogs. If cocktail hotdogs are not available, you can use the regular size and just cut them into smaller sizes (we actually run out of cocktail hotdogs and this is what we did).
  4. Once cooked, the hotdogs were drained and have been set aside.
  5. The boiled eggs were peeled, sliced in half and were set aside.
  6. We have also drained the syrup from the pineapple chunks.
  7. Each skewer had one piece of each of the following in this particular order: marshmallows, hotdogs, cherry tomato, and pineapple. We placed the pineapple at the pointed end so they’d eat the healthy snack first (that is if they will not bite the marshmallow first haha!)
  8. We prepared a grilling area for the kids and let them grill their food (supervised by us, of course) just for fun and to achieve our purpose to let them catch a good amount of sunlight. Though, they don’t actually need to grill it for more than a minute since we have pre-cooked the hotdogs.
  9. On a paper plate, we wrapped one slice of egg with lettuce, placed bacon on top, sealed it with a toothpick, and drizzled it with Thousand Island.
  10. A plate of each was handed to every kid who was done grilling their hotdogs.


Want to add more? Here are some more kid-approved snacks from our blogger friends:

Which one of these kid-approved snacks will you be making in your next picnic or playdate? Let us know in the comments!


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