Old warehouse spaces, giant windows, lots of brick, and minimal “fluff,” these are some of the key elements of industrial decor. This interior design aesthetic is all about utilitarian materials and weathered woods, concrete or stainless steel. Industrial decor is charming on its own, but adding a modern twist to it creates a style that can be best described as “industrial chic.” A combination of traditional industrial decor with new interior design features – the perfect choice for nostalgic people who adores modern remake on industrial pieces.

The Charm of Industrial Chic Style

If you ask me what I love Industrial Chic style, it must be the use of old utilitarian materials. Upcycling and bringing new life to old – what’s supposed to be already “junk” pieces. There’s something about using weathered or old repurposed furniture that gives each one of your decors accents its own charm. These also serve as a good conversation starter and cool in a way that you have a part of a different era in your home.

8 Must-Have Items for Industrial Chic Style

Ready to get the industrial chic style? Here are some essential items you can start with:


Dining Set
Here’s a treat for your dining area. Get a dining table made of weathered wood combined with old steel. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can try to mix and match chairs. You can buy industrial inspired if you can’t find authentic pieces or upcycle some of your old furniture. Flea markets are also a great source of industrial items. Another great tip is if you spot some old closing industrial buildings you can ask if they’re selling any furniture or materials from the site.

Black Metal Stackable Dining Chic Bistro Cafe Side Chair with Backs – $189.99

Lighting Fixture
Themed lighting fixture whether in industrial decor or any interior design is a vital element. For industrial chic style, you have a lot of options from minimalist hanging light to a more detailed piece with wood and steel. Depending on your needs you can light up your home with a wall, standing, or hanging industrial lighting fixtures.

Ecopower Industrial Edison Vintage Style 1-Light Pendant Glass Hanging Light – $38.99

Iron Hill Four-Light Indoor Convertible Chandelier – $79.88

Another major piece in your home, when choosing a sofa or any seating for your industrial chic styled home, choose a sofa with natural or neutral colors. Leather couch also looks very classy and at the same time has an industrial vibe, so it’s perfect for this interior design.

Tufted Rolled Arm Left Facing Chaise Sectional Sofa Black – $1428.71

Storage solutions for this interior design are not only functional but also a great decorative piece. You can create your shelf storage by using pipes and weathered or salvaged woods. Aside from using pipes, you can also get vintage industrial drawers.

Industrial Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf – $78

Rugs, Throw Blankets and Pillows
Industrial decor has a “cold” vibe, so make your home feel cozy and homey by using personalized details and textures. A modern rug on your living room maybe and a few comfy throw pillows. While we’re at it, throw in a throw blanket to use as a decor that you can loosely drape in your leather sofa.

Ivory Area Rug – $52.70

Throw Pillow Cover Modern Vintage – $9.90

Decor Accessories
Small details matter. So when decorating your home, it’s better to choose a few meaningful pieces than throwing in anything that you see. From old signs, vintage metal sculptures, to an old repurposed vintage fan, you won’t run out of decorative ideas.

Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp – $139.99

Silver Metal Marquee Letter – $10.52

Splash of Colors
Industrial chic is already beautiful on its own but we can always use a splash of colors, right? So don’t be afraid to add a few colors here and there. A great idea to showcase colors is through wall art – pick an art preferably colorful and hang it in your home.

Abstract Sunrise and Sunset Canvas Prints – $29.99

What do you like about the industrial chic style? Let us know in the comment!


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