Are you an avid fan of do-it-yourself or art projects? If you are, then you are in for a cool project. In today’s post, we’re going to teach you how to make a stencil. That’s right; you don’t have to buy a stencil from a crafts store anymore. Even though creating your own stencil can take some time and patience, the experience is rewarding. It’s also a good bonding project for you and your kids or even your loved ones. So if you’re ready to create your own stencil, read on.

What Is A Stencil?

According to All About Stencils, you can think of a stencil as a series of holes cut into a sheet of resilient, waterproof material (like paper or plastic). When the paint is applied through the cut out areas to the surface beneath, an image is formed. A stencil can be used to draw or paint identical shapes, letters, patterns or symbols. Stencils can be used in a lot of ways – decor or even signs.

How to Make a Stencil

If you’re looking to create a stencil, here’s how you can make a stencil at the comfort of your own home:


Prepare All Your Materials

Some of the materials you need to create a stencil are pencil, tape, paint applicator/paint brush, ruler, transparent plastic sheet, cutting board and craft knife. Make sure you have all the materials ready, so you won’t be interrupted when you’re making your project.

make a stencil
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Find A Pattern You Want To Create

Do you have any patterns you want to create in mind? If you’re artistic, then you can try freehand. Alternatively, you can get inspiration from books, magazines, wallpapers and whatever that you find beautiful. You can also get free templates from the internet.


Line Up Your Stencil Design & Trace It

If you have a cutting board, you can easily line up your stencil design and the transparent plastic sheet. You can also use a specialized paper called “mylar.” If you don’t have a cutting board and you’re just using a sturdy surface to cut on, a ruler will suffice just fine. Once everything’s lined up and secured with a tape, trace the design with a pencil.

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Cut Out Your Pattern

Now here comes the trickiest part, cutting your design. Before you cut your design, make sure you have a sharp cutting craft or Exacto knife – this is the key to getting a precise stencil. It may take a few minutes or even hours depending on the details of your pattern, but it’s okay.


Your Stencil Is Good To Go

Now after you’ve cut your stencil design, you are ready to go. Choose a paint that you like and use your paint applicator – it could be a foam or a paint brush. After your paint materials are ready, then you can start stenciling.


And this is how you make a stencil, if you want to learn more about stenciling, checkout CreativeLive. If you have any stenciling questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. You can also share your finished product in the comment section below.


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