Industrial is synonymous with modern living. Characterized by big open loft spaces in an industrial building, this style has become a favorite among those who want a calmer retreat from the busy city. If you have a new home or just want a fresh new look for your space, consider the industrial loft style — more full living area, higher ceiling, more wall spaces for your creative liberty.

What is an Industrial Loft?

The industrial loft style is considered as part of the modern urban style. It is best suited for lofts that are drenched in sunlight and rich of old world or industrial look – exposed metal pipes/brick, high ceiling and weather hardwood floor. This style is believed to have originated from Soho, New York around the late 1960s and early 1970s just after the end of its time as “an industrial wasteland.”

How to Decorate an Industrial Loft

Giving your room a revamp is a fun activity. It excites your creativity and teaches you some style lessons at times. The question is, where to start? If you are not sure, you are on the right page. Let’s start with the basics of designing an industrial loft. Here are some straightforward tips:


Open Space

Maintain a free and spacious layout. If the industrial style has a motto, it had to be the minimal use of walls and partitions. Keep your furniture pieces to a minimum and avoid internal walls that will break the flow of the space. If it’s really a need, go for glass partitions.

Industrial Loft Style
Interiors inspired by industrial design – $23.70

Use Reclaimed Wood

According to Decor Aid, “whether or not your space includes exposed wood elements, reclaimed wood furniture is a great way to give your space that industrial look.” Reclaimed pieces also give your loft character. You can get recycled furniture pieces from a furniture shop or take a trip to a weekend market.

Wood Finish Penetrating Interior Wood Stain – $13.96

It’s All in the Details

With this interior design, you’re encouraged to showcase flaws and imperfections. Exposed brick walls? Don’t sweat it. Uneven or weathered wooden floors? Better! As much as possible, keep minimal pieces of furniture. Take some time picking your furnishings and focus on the details.



If you love doing crafts, you might want to squeeze in some DIY industrial design projects similar to this industrial side table made of pipes. You can also use old furniture as part of a new piece.

Upcycle!: DIY Furniture and Décor from Unexpected Objects – $16.34

White Wash

Exposed bricks look good, but you can whitewash them to give them a fresh look or an upgrade. You can follow our guide here in our post, “What is Whitewashed Brick?

Sponge Wood Handle Paint Brush Se – $6.96

Stay Cozy

Use more cozy and soft materials to balance out the cold that an industrial loft gives off. For example, you can place a giant faux fur rug to your living room. Add throw pillows to your couch and a fluffy blanket. Candles are also a great option.

Decorative Throw Blanket – $28.99
Lemon Vanilla Bean – $13.95

While the idea of turning your home into an industrial loft is easy, more work may be needed depending on the space available for you and, of course, the budget. It also takes preparation especially if you want to take things to the next level. In the meantime, work with what you have and play with it. After all, it takes creativity more than money to achieve the industrial style home.


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