Don’t throw away those logs! We can make those containers for your plants aka log planters and use them as amazing garden decor.

Creating a Log Planter


There are different ways these can be used as your plant pots. The two common styles would be using it as a horizontal log planter or a vertical container.


Either way, you need to bore a hole in the middle. Hence, the use of safety glasses are essential.  

Log Planter
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Make sure that the logs you will be using are bug-free. Fumigate by covering the wood in plastic and introduce an insecticide fogger. Wrapping the log with plastic will inhibit the insecticide from scattering into the air.


Once the logs are bug-free, you can use a drill bit and a corded drill to create holes into the upper end if you want your log planter positioned upright. Ensure you have enough strength to bore the hole but keeping safety in mind. A tri-flute spade bit will help you bore through the wood with less effort. Deepen the hole until it is able to accommodate plants and their roots.

Log Planter
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Create holes for water drainage needed when you water the plants. Lay the log horizontally and bore holes through it using a 16” paddle bit.


Clear and clean the log to make sure you have created all the holes needed on your log planter. Fill it with the garden soil and plant your flowers or any favorite plant while ensuring that there would be an adequate amount for it to grow.

Log Planter
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You can also use the log to hold pots of different plants and flowers to produce a colorful part of your garden. A log that is about 2 feet long or more, and laid horizontally is a better option for this planter. Use a drill with a Forstner bit, a hammer and chisel to carve the wood out of the log. Make sure that the depth can accommodate the size of your plant pots. Also, don’t forget to make drainage holes. Put in your various plants with their pots on your hollowed log planter and you are done!

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Shorter logs can also serve as succulent log planters and can be a good table centerpiece or décor in your window sill. We recommend adding some activated charcoal before transferring your succulents into the log. The activated charcoal will help with air filtration. Likewise, it prevents the build-up of excess water in the soil. You can also add pebbles to help with drain excess water. Arrange your succulents in the planter, which can be of various color, height, and texture to enhance visual interest in your garden or window sill. After positioning every succulent of your choice, add a cactus mix potting soil around them, and make sure that it has been firmly placed by pressing the soil with your hands.


Keep producing customized log planters to adorn your home or your outdoor area. Additionally, the lovely succulent log planters can be a perfect gift to your family and friends during house blessings or any occasion.




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