Have you ever dreamed of decorating your own makeup or glam room? I remember going to YouTube and watching a lot of beauty vloggers’ videos and get really excited. I thought “I’m going to do that someday, I’m gonna have my own glam room!” There’s just something about creating your own beauty space – it feels more personalized and inspiring.

Not Just A Glam Room

I think a lot of women will agree that a glam room is not just a place for beauty or makeup. It’s also an area for bonding and hanging out. Thanks to the Kardashians, a beauty room has become a must-have for every diva! Understandably, women are spending or splurging more on their own makeup room which is totally okay, you spend a lot of time there, and it’s almost therapeutic once you’re in your “own world.”

Decorating Your Glam Room

Here comes the exciting part, in this post we’re going to be decorating your own vanity room. And the best part is, you don’t have to be rich as the Kardashians to have a fabulous glam room. Here’s how:


Storage Space Is Vital

Apart from your actual decorations, one of the most important parts of this room is storage. You need to stay organized and keep your space not looking like the day after Black Friday. What you need to do is allow sufficient storages for your things – makeup, makeup brushes, skincare and more.

glam room
Tall Chest – $365.7


Vanity Table

This is the focal point of your room. Pick a table that can hold your essential stuff. It can be a little table or a built-in table on one side or the corner of your room. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold your things.

Vanity Table
Vanity Table – $271
Hayworth Antique White Mirror & Vanity Set – $669.97

Mirror on the Wall

A glam room without a mirror is definitely not complete. Invest in big mirrors. If you can, buy a vanity mirror with lights. But, if you don’t have the budget for it, you can just DIY! Thus, pick a mirror that is true to your vision. Some mirrors make you look bigger or smaller. Also, a magnifying mirror would be useful when you’re applying makeup.

Alexa Vanity Mirror – $169.99



One thing you don’t want for your beauty room is for it to look dark or dim. Fill your room with lights or choose a space near the window. This way, you have natural light during the day. Chandelier, lamp – you have a lot of options.

Arc Floor Lamp – $299.99

A Place to Socialize

Since your glam room is not just a makeup room, you can create a mini sitting area. This is where your girls can wait while you do your thing. It’s also a perfect place to try out new makeup and talk about things. Throw in a little coffee table, carpet, and magazines.

Mitzi Stone Small Sofa – $629.99

Take It To The Next Level

By that, I mean decorate your room with your favorite things. Your favorite candle, flowers, paintings, cute throw pillows and whatever you think would look good in your own space. Add a curtain, decorative books, and little figurines.


That’s how you decorate your glam room! I hope you found some inspiration. Do you have any suggestions to add? Leave a comment below!




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