So…I’ve really liked this theme on our wee little blog a lot, but it’s time for an upgrade. Today I am so excited to debut our fresh new look in anticipation of a ton of fun new features (reviews! videos!) that are getting added to the par-tay soon. I wanted to give you all a heads up so you don’t show up like “um, where am I? I need an adult!”

For me, the perpetual design and marketing nerd that I am, I really wanted to offer a better user interface and showcase the different aspects of Beige House. Want to learn wtf I’m attempting to do with our house? Easy access, bay-bay. Want to DIY all of the things? That’s easier to get to on the front page. Really just looking for design porn? Duh, we’ve got that front and center.

So, in closing, I really like our new layout and hope you will, too. I know change blows sometimes, but I think this renovation is totally for the better and I’m really excited to show you what’s coming down the bend soon.

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I'm a 5x award-winning entrepreneur, small business nerd, and home decor newbie. Currently residing in upstate New York with my husband and cats. Hair color subject to change, black clothing...probably not.

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