Ranging from functionality to something more classic and formal, Mediterranean style is diverse, exotic and evocative; to say the least. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of Mediterranean inspired designs on magazines – from the whole house, to a part of of the living room or the kitchen area – which is a focal point in every homes. It looks like Mediterranean design is making a comeback and, the best part is, it is being complemented with modern style.

Before we proceed, let me give you a quick refresher, Mediterranean Style originated in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and is often referred to today as “Spanish modern.”  

Unlike formal Parisian drawing room style or dark Florentine or Madrileno design, Mediterranean design is more similar to Tuscan design; carefree and casual, emphasizing the colors and textures found in the surrounding landscape. Nature is apparent in the architectural elements and furnishings in Mediterranean style. Terra cotta tiles, rough-cut stone and pine wood are all used liberally.

Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

What do you think about when you hear the word “Mediterranean”? Do you think about the blue sky and white sand from the beach? Or maybe you salivate for the mediterranean cuisine or wine? (I usually think more about the latter.. :p ) Does it make you want to go on adventure and see Greece, Italy or Spain? Well, fret not because today you can have the mediterranean vibe at the comfort of your own kitchen! Here are some tips on how you could do that:

Add Colors

One of the greatest charms of Mediterranean style are the colors. This style is known for colors that mimics nature – from the deep blue sky and the pristine blue color of the ocean. You can also use earthenware colors such as white, terracotta, brown, beige and even hints of yellow, purple, green. Just think of nature and you can never go wrong with the palette.

Mediterranean Kitchen

You can use this Mediterranean Style Wall Hooks in your kitchen – hang your essential utensils. Functional and also looks very fun to look at.

Mediterranean Style
Mediterranean Style Seashells and Sea Fish Design 9-Hook Wall Hooks – $31.09

Colorful plates, trays, glasses and other kitchenware with Mediterranean colors would also look good!

Mediterranean Fruit Tray Kitchen
The Mediterranean Fruit Tray Kitchen – $22.49
Ceramica Fez Collection – $62.99

It’s All About Textures and Patterns

Visually appealing textures and patterns are also evident in this kind of style. From stucco to plaster, you can add this flare in your mediterranean kitchen. Patterns and texture vary from simple to the most detailed and intricate design. You can even hand paint patterns on tiles or your kitchen wall.

Use mosaic patterned tiles with “Spanish” design. This will create a focal point and some sort of accent in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can also put some sort of paintings, decorative pieces or murals that represent this style.

Mediterranean Sea Picture Wall Photo Frame – $29.59


Mediterranean Painting
Stunning Hand-Painting Mediterranean Seaside 3-Panel Frameless Wall Art – $84.69

Give It A Rustic Appeal

Mediterranean interiors are also known for their rustic yet modern detailing. You can have a rustic island in your kitchen or a table you refurbished, the possibilities are endless. What I also like about this design is you can be random and somehow it will still look authentic.

Reclaimed Dining Table


Rustic Antique Style Oak Wood Dining Table

Speaking of random, you can give your dining area a personal touch or maybe a “twist” by adding random – dining chairs with different style. Not only does it look cool, it can also be a good conversation piece.

Trattoria Side Chair – $110.15
Denver Dining Armless Accent Side Chair


Rich Metals

Even if your kitchen is full of colors from the sea, you can tone it down by adding dark, rich metals accessories in your kitchen. It could be chandelier/light fixture, or your table. Because of this, your modern “appliances” will blend in with the whole look of this design.

Iron Hill Three-Light Indoor Island – $100.68



There are a lot of things on in this design but, if you give it an effort, all your hard work will surely be paid off. Your Mediterranean kitchen will definitely stand out. And, if you like the Mediterranean style, you might also want to look at our French Provincial Design Ideas.


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