Finding the right tablecloth that suits your taste for your French Country inspired home is achievable. In fact, you can do it yourself.  That’s why today’s we’re going to create a French country striped table cloth.

Easy DIY French Country Striped Tablecloth

To create an easy DIY French Country striped tablecloth, here are the things that you would need:

  1. Burlap fabric (use the natural or dark brown color for a rustic look)
  2. Painter’s tape or masking tape
  3. Iron
  4. Ironing board
  5. Scissors
  6. Yardstick
  7. Soft yellow or serene green acrylic paint
  8. Size 6 flat artist brush

Here’s How You Can Create A French Country Striped Tablecloth

Preparing your basic material

Before making your tablecloth, we suggest washing your fabric first to reduce the not-so-good smell of burlap. Use a liquid detergent with an amount less than the usual volume that you use for an average load. Add a little amount of non-chlorine bleach and wash with warm water in a delicate cycle. If you can still smell that unwanted odor, you may repeat cleaning your burlap until you can tolerate your fabric’s scent.

Hang it dry and iron it. Tip: Purchase a little over the size of cloth you need, so you could use a small piece to test the setting of the iron and determine the proper temperature to apply on your burlap fabric.

Even out the ends by locating a spot where you need’ to trim your fabric and carefully make a tiny cut. Slowly pull out the threads from the cut to produce a thin line to use as a guide for trimming. Once you have created the line, cautiously cut along its entire length so as not to cut over your guide. Repeat the process on the other end.


DIY process for your stunning tablecloth

Start creating your French Country striped tablecloth by knowing the right size of the burlap you need by measuring your table and add an extra 15 to 20 inches long depending on your desired tablecloth. Just make sure that it isn’t too long to avoid strip and fall. The extra 15 to 20 inches would be the allotment for your desired overhang on your table. It will vary if you have around, square or rectangular table. You can also hang your burlap over the table to visualize the right amount of length you want for your overhang.

Cut the fabric according to the dimension that you need and hem the edges for a tidier appearance.

Place a masking or painter’s tape down the length of your burlap roughly ¼ inch apart and brush on your yellow or green acrylic paint. Make sure to remove most of the paint by blotting on a paper towel before applying it on your burlap to avoid the paint from bleeding under the tape. Remove the tape immediately.

You can also use white and gray paints for your striped tablecloth, or combine a maximum of three warm colors to achieve your French country tablecloth.  A butter yellow sultana burlap fabric is also a good choice of color.


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