Are you ready to start decorating your room with vintage furniture? Each one of us has different design preferences; some girls may want a modern bedroom while others would prefer a classic or a vintage bedroom. Designing and incorporating vintage furniture in your bedroom can add a sense of quirkiness, eccentrics, and classiness. It also represents a wide range of style ideas from various time periods. If you’re smitten with charm for old furniture with different styles and characters vintage bedroom should be on top of your interior decor inspiration list. Read on to get inspiration on how to add furniture in your vintage bedroom.

What is Vintage?

If you’re decorating a girl’s vintage bedroom, the first thing we need to know is what kind or era should we focus on. According to The Spruce, basically, what is labeled vintage furniture is any piece that is between 30 to 100 years old. Furniture that is at least 100 years old is classified as antique. Newer vintage, like anything from the 1950s to 1980s, is generally thought of as retro within the vintage category, and any piece that dates from the ’80s or later is just simply used furniture. So an old furniture cannot be easily labeled as “vintage” it has to fit the era and a style that signified that era.

Girl’s Vintage Bedroom Decor

Ready to make some changes in your bedroom? Here’s how you can decorate a girl’s vintage bedroom:


Take A Trip to a Thrift Shop

Snag some great furniture pieces on thrift shops or a flea market. You can see that they offer a variety of furniture that you can add in your bedroom. Shop for a lamp, end table or maybe a decorative piece like a candle holder. If you want some tips on thrift shopping, check out our post “8 Flea Market Shopping Tips”.

Butler Celeste Mirror & Gold Vanity – $569

Find an Inspiration

What era would you like to focus on? Find a particular period or an inspiration on how you want your bedroom to look like. It could be from an old movie or a magazine, take a note of it and draw inspiration from it.

Girl's Vintage Bedroom
The Aveline Bed design – $737

Giving Life to Your Vintage Finds

You might have seen something you like from a store or even your house that fits your vintage bedroom but it doesn’t have the color you want, or it’s missing something. Don’t worry, and you can repaint and give it a makeover.

Vintage Bedroom
Paint by Colorhouse AIR .01 – $10

Color and Patterns

There’s no specific color that you need to follow or stick to when you’re decorating a vintage bedroom. However, patterns are a must – florals, botanical, nature or maybe a French pattern. Make sure to add it your bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom for Girls
Sample Habanera Wallpaper in French Grey and Orange – $5

Utilize Fabrics

Another great way to add the vintage vibe to your bedroom is to buy using fabrics. Look for beddings or cushions with material that has a vintage feel. You can also create your own if you have some vintage linens.

Tweet Bedding design by Pine Cone Hill – $68
Elegant Colorful Big Flowers Printing Cotton – $81.17

Mix & Match

Just because you’re decorating a vintage bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t mix other furniture or decor from different eras. This is what makes this style exciting, the ability to pick the best furniture from different time periods.


What is your favorite part of styling a girl’s vintage room? Share them in the comment below!


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