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I know a lot of you look at your home like an opportunity (which you totally should!). The thought of renovating your space to reflect your style, while, let’s face it, giving that curb appeal realness, is something so many of us dream about, myself included! For our own home,  we’ve been working steadily to improve the look of it since we moved in this past November:

But it’s always a work in progress, you know? One of the big things we need to tackle is rehabbing the siding – there are a few panels that have pretty gnarly holes in it, while others are mismatched and stick out due to their slightly off color look. Since we’ve tackled a ton of projects already this year, I think we’re holding off until 2018 for this, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream, you know?

I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest a lot looking at different exteriors, and like some sort of serendipity, James Hardie reached out to me to let me know about their line of siding and trim products. So can we all take a minute to drool over ideas, please?

I think this one is the closest to my original color, and I like the deepness of it, especially since our current siding looks so faded. I  like that James Hardie bakes multiple coats of color into their siding; it looks so vibrant, you know? It’s like…artisanal.

This one is totally my jam. I love love love traditional looking Colonials with light siding, colored trim, and a bright door.  If we went with a color scheme like this, it wouldn’t take much effort since we could keep our blue door and shutters. It might make our gray roof pop, too.

Although I could just throw caution to the wind and give my elderly neighbors a new reason to snoop on us by making our home really bold, like this gorgeous green! It might be out of place here in upstate NY, but I kinda like that idea!

All of these images showcase different James Hardie products, and they have a shockingly impressive amount of different textures, styles, and colors, so whatever you’re feeling, they’ve probably got your back. Check out their Inspiration page for even more ideas, and you can always hit them up for samples to see how their ColorPlus® Technology stacks up in the real world. One of their biggest selling points for me is that they take the time to ensure their products last the test of time, no matter the weather.

Cause when winter comes here:

it don’t play.


What are your thoughts, what color scheme do you think looks the most magazine-worthy?


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