Thinking about our upcoming kitchen remodel gives me both excitement and anxiety, as we haven’t even CLOSED on the thing yet, but already…plans are being made. Getting to research kitchens, especially a beautiful contemporary kitchen style like the ones below, leaves me feeling overwhelmed and impatient at the same time, as there are so many lovely ideas out there…can someone just come and do this all for me, please? Sheesh

The first room to get updated will be our kitchen, mostly because it’s the main entrance to our (90% there) house, so getting the paint and the appliances squared away will help us have some semblance of sanity during the upcoming move. I think I’m going to incorporate a lot of copper (because Industrial Decor is my jam and Steampunk is the Mr’s) but I really love the look of a contemporary kitchen that does accents well, even if it’s not my style I can appreciate the work that went into it.

That’s not to say that I didn’t find these ideas drool-worthy…far from it! Check out a few examples below of some freaking baller contemporary kitchens, along with some pieces and accents that can help you create your own contemporary style without feeling like you’ve gone down a black hole of money (and time)!

A Few Baller Contemporary Kitchen Ideas



Atlanta Homes

Feed Inspiration


Contemporary Kitchen Essentials

Brass Retractable One-Hole One-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet $108.19

Copper Multifunction Kitchen Water Faucet $118.99

Stainless Steel Stemware $23.90 (Um, ADORABLE!)






In Style Indulgence


Town & Country Living


A Couple of Neat Ideas to Add to Your Kitchen Remodel

Oxford Metal Chair Set 4 of $616

Mason Bar and Counter Stools $349.95




Home Stratosphere


One Kings Lane


Last But Not Least….Contemporary Lighting Obsessions


Lilies Pendant Light $99.98

Copper Pendant Lamps $250



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