My dream is to own a rolled turquoise chaise lounge. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to that particular idea, but I’ve wanted it for years and some day it will be mine.

Whether you know them as chaise lounges, or the ever-so-Victorian phrase “fainting couches” (LOVE), either way you’ll probably agree that these pieces of furniture are necessary for your dream walk-in closet or ginormous dream bathroom. So let’s look at a little furniture porn, and check out these 12 amazing examples of jaw-droppingly gorgeous chaise lounges.

12 Gorgeous Chaise Lounge Examples

Diva Chaise $5580


Chas Chaise (Left and Right facing arms available) $599.99


Dana Gray (Left and Right facing available) $3150


Becca Upholstered Chaise $588

Curves Tufted Chaise $399


Emily Hand-Rubbed Bonded Leather Chaise with Nailhead Trim $349


Tiffany Gray Velvet Chaise $299.88


Layla Light Beige Chaise Lounge $389


Pease Chaise $499


Alessia Leather Chaise Lounge Chair $809.10


Roxanne $449.10


Bradbury Velvet Tufted One-Arm Settee $699
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