We’ve shared with you, “How To Decorate Your Own Glam Room” but with all the trends and styles changing, there will come a time when you’ll want re-decorate your space. Whether you’re updating your glam room or simply want to add new accessories to your room, we’re going to enumerate some of the best and timeless pieces you can add to your glam haven.

Glam Room Theme

Depending on the interior design of your glam room, you can interchange the style or color of these accessories for your space. Just remember to pick a theme that will represent you – your style and overall vibe. It is also important to take your comfort into consideration since you’ll be probably spending a lot of time in your glam room.

10 Best Accessories For Your Glam Room

What are we waiting for, here are some of the best accessories for your glam room:


A Nice Accent Mirror

In every glam room, mirrors are must have. So aside from a vanity mirror, decorate your room with a nice accent mirror. Experiment with different shapes – oval for a classy look, square for an edgy look or to something bolder like this stylish mirror bursting with flares.  

Oriental Round Silver Metal Beveled Wall Mirror – $62.97

Champagne Sunflower Decorative Wall Mirror – $55.99



Vanity Tray

Place your perfume or makeup brush holders in a vanity tray to show them off. Aside from your makeup or perfume, you can also use it to place your important belongings such as keys, wallet or card holder. 


Metal Mirrored Ornate Decorative Tray Jewelry Tray – $29.99

Wide Antique Gold Mirrored Tray – $29.99


Marble Organizer

Organize your cotton balls or bobby pins with a beautiful marble organizer. This will hide unsightly stuff in your makeup room and also serve as a charming decor. You can also use it to store small makeup tools like eyeshadow foam applicators.

Marble & Metal Lidded Box – Brass – $95


Faux Throw

Faux throw seems to be one of the most popular interior decors for any beauty or home decor, enthusiast. It looks beautiful and can also be functional. Plus, it’s inexpensive and goes along with a lot of interior design ideas.

Super Soft Faux Fur Fake Sheepskin – $24.99

Plush Sheepskin Throw Rug Faux Fur – $29.99


End Table

If you have a small sitting area in your glam room. You can use a gorgeous end table to add flair to your space. Place it beside a couch or your main glam table.

Round Side Table – Glass/Gold – $66.23

Gold Coast Mirrored End Table with Drawer – $113.40


Glass Vase

Adore your room with beautiful flowers and put them in a simple clear glass vase. This will highlight your fresh flowers.


Clear Cylinder Glass Vase – $10.71


Vanity Mirror

You already have a nice accent mirror but what’s a glam room without a vanity mirror? If you’re going to splurge on furniture for your glam room, splurge in a vanity mirror. You’ll use it a lot of times so it’s basically an investment.


Lighted Tabletop Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror W/ LED Lights -$47.99

Vanity Lights Kit – $19.50

Trinket Box

Store your pieces of jewelry or even your prized makeup in a beautiful trinket box. It’s aesthetically pleasing and a really pretty addition to any room. 


Vintage Brass Metal & Clear Glass Jewelry Stand Display Case Mirrored Shadow Box – $28.99

Drawer Organizer

Never lose or have a hard time finding your makeup with an organizer. Keep your makeup and other stuff organized with a drawer organizer.  

Clear Plastic Makeup Drawer Organizers – $14.99



You might think it’s an odd accessory to add to your makeup room but, it’s actually practical. Keep your room clean and free of dust with a vacuum.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – $199.99


What’s the best accessory do you think should be everyone’s must have in their glam room? Leave a comment below!


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