Adding art to my bathroom seems like a nice idea in theory, but then I just end up feeling like I’m disrespecting the piece by labeling it “bathroom art”, you know? Like, “Look, here’s a nice serene piece of art to look at while you’re on the toilet.” It makes me feel weird.

LUCKILY that just my neuroses talking, as there are dozens of examples of good bathroom art on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorite examples…ones that will get me over this weird anxiety and start sending me out to buy art…for my bathroom!

My favorite examples of bathroom art

Pottery Barn

Side note: this is not the only example of having portraits of Marilyn Monroe in a bathroom. Who knew that was a trend?




Home BNC


Noted List


Some art ideas to help you get started

Floral Lattice Art $149

Bird in Blossoms $23.96

Trinity 1 Print $160
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