About Megan

First off, the thought of me blogging about home decor and interior design seems wrong…it should definitely be my Mom’s blog. She’s got such a clearly defined style and has never had a home that wasn’t beautiful. Me? I lived in apartments that I never painted, and never thought about turning them into a “home.” That all changed, though, when the Mr. and I decided to buy our first home.

You see, my past has been full of DIY and learning new tricks for old methods, so much so that I created and ran a 5x award-winning skincare business for nearly a decade. In 2015, though, I knew that I had run the course with that life, and decided to pivot into teaching others how to run their own businesses successfully, especially if they had a limited budget.

But my DIY brain wouldn’t stop going. And when we made the ginormous decision to leave NYC and buy our home, I knew that I’d do my Mom proud and DIY the crap out of our house. That’s why I’m here today! This blog and this home undertaking are my new hobby, the thing that lets me step away from business coaching and just have my zen moments. Welcome to my meditations.

About The Beige House (and yes, our house isn’t actually beige)

Yes, I totally bought the domain before we even bought the house. So why “The Beige House?” Well, mostly because the homes we were looking at in Upstate NY all seemed to be varying shades of brown/beige, so I knew there was a good chance the domain would fit. Unfortunately for this site, the house we ended up falling in love with was blue. This is what happens when you make plans, right?

And even if we remodel our exterior, or buy a home of a different color, the name still fits. To me, a “beige house” is a house without its personality…it’s raw and untapped. I’m here to take that beige house and give it a new life. We’re turning our new (to us!) old house into our home, and I’d love for you to join me on this adventure!

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