Advantages of Having House Plants

Putting in plants inside your home have various benefits and we have listed 8 of these for you.


1.Increases Oxygen level

Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis which is beneficial for us humans especially for those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  

House Plants
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2.Reduces pollutants

Houseplants do not only increase the oxygen level but it also purifies the air by reducing some air pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene and Nitrogen Dioxide. These five chemicals are present in paints.

  • Formaldehyde can likewise be present in newly manufactured wood products (cabinet, furniture, and flooring), in some fabrics, cosmetics, and other household products (detergents, glues, and pesticides)
  • Xylene can be found in rust preventives, varnish, and shellac.
  • Toluene an excellent solvent for paints may also be present in lacquers, thinners, and adhesives and used extensively in the printing, rubber, chemical, dye, and glue industries.
  • Benzene may exist in pesticides, furniture, gasoline, rubber, furniture wax, detergents, and adhesives.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide which can increase asthma attacks and inflammation of the airways can be produced from kerosene or gas space heaters and gas stoves.
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig

3.Helps patients to feel better

A family member who has just been discharged from the hospital can have a faster recovery in the presence of house plants. One study showed that there has been a positive effect of flowering and foliage plants in hospital rooms on patients recovering from surgery

4.Improves the quality of sleep (prevents insomnia and sleep apnea)

Some plants like the French Lavender and Chamomile have relaxing effects which will help you fall asleep faster. Others such as Aloe Vera and Golden Pothos removes toxins and improves the quality of air as you sleep.   

5.Better mental health

Inhaling French Lavender scent also prevents stress, anxiety and depression in the postpartum period.

Moreover, seeing greenery brings a relaxed and calm mood and increases positivity which is good for our health, physically, and mentally.

There is also a sense of fulfillment of being able to see something that grows and thrives under your care.


6.Improves focus

Houseplants are also beneficial for people who work from home as it improves concentration and productivity, as well as reduce stress levels, and boost their moods.

House Plants

7.Natural humidifiers

When plants undergo transpiration, they become natural humidifiers. Hence it increases the room’s humidity which can prevent itchy eyes, skin irritations, nose bleeds, and respiratory problems that can be brought by dry air.


8.Reduces noise

Plants through sound absorption can reduce noise. Its stems, leaves (wider leaves absorb more noise), and branches absorb sound as well as its barks. The rougher the bark is, the more efficient it is in absorbing sounds. Rougher barks are better in sound absorption.


Peace Lily, one of the most known indoor plant used by homeowners, is one plant that effectively absorbs noise which is attributable to its wide leaves.


And if you love planting herbs indoor, like Basil, here’s a bonus tip for you. According to Gardening Know How, “the intense scent and oil in basil and many other herbs are often used to deter common household pests. The pungent herb seems to repel flies and basil pest control has been used since ancient times. Basil is intolerant of cold temperatures and needs a full day of sunlight. The plants are useful as potted herbs in a sunny, bright kitchen or outside in the warm summer months around the vegetable or herb garden.”


Enjoy the advantages of having house plants and have a happier and healthier living!

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