Name a more iconic duo than Gardening and Netflix, I dare you. If you love gardening, you’ve probably looked or you already have a favorite gardening show. Now, if you want to add a few more shows on your list, we’ve gathered ten binge-worthy gardening shows on Netflix you can’t miss. Keep on reading and you might just find your new favorite show.

The Best Gardening Shows on Netflix

Got some free time on your hand? Here are six gardening shows on Netflix worth streaming:


Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Do you love The Great British Bake-off? Well, you will definitely love Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Hosted by Monty Don – an English television presenter, writer, and speaker on horticulture, Monty is best known for presenting the BBC television series Gardeners’ World. Now in this show, Monty helps amateur gardeners from the UK transfer their garden into the garden of their dreams whilst having limited space.


Love Your Garden

Just like Big Dreams, Small Spaces, Love Your Garden is a British lifestyle gardening tv show. Alan Titchmarsh an English gardener, broadcaster, poet, and novelist along with his team of experts travel the country to find the dream gardens we’d all like or dream about having. In their journey, they meet people that create these spaces and show the audiences how you can live the dream garden at home.

Stay Here

A reality tv program on Netflix hosted by Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, these two show people how they can their rentals into a profit-making business. Not exactly, a gardening show, Stay Here showcased some gardens that you’ll be jealous of.


Cabins In the Wild

Engineer Dick Strawbridge, along with master craftsman Will Hardie, the show follows an ingenious competition to build a pop-up hotel made up of eight stunning and unique cabins in the wild. Get inspired by the locations in the show and try to incorporate nature’s garden on your own.


Monty Don’s French Gardens

Can’t get enough of Big Dreams, Small Spaces or the great Monty Don? Then Monty Don’s French Gardens should be the next tv program in your queue. A warning though, this show might cause you to book a spontaneous trip to France. Monty visits some of the most famous and magnificent gardens in France. You might not have a garden like this in your whole life but a gardener can dream, right?


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Another British tv show hosted by architect Piers Taylor and actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes showcases well, some of the most amazing homes in the world. More of an architecture or interior show, this program still features some gardens that will inspire you to continue cultivating your home garden.

Gardening Shows
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Have you seen any of these shows? Which one of these is your favorite? Were you inspired by these gardening shows? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share your favorite episode or your favorite gardening shows.


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