The next time your home needs repair or maintenance, make sure to check out these maintenance tips!

Why Home Maintenance is Important

Keep your home in great condition by conducting regular home maintenance. This will save you a lot of money and keep your home’s structure intact and your furniture in almost perfect condition.

Home Maintenance Tips Everybody Should Know

Making your home in tip-top shape years after you bought it is definitely attainable using the following tips:

  1.    Keep it clean
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Cleaning is the basic chore in every household. It will help not only in making your house look presentable and neat, but it is also an avenue for you to see if something needs fixing. Thus, making your stuff look almost brand new over the years.

  1.    Your house filters

Speaking of cleaning, you need to make sure that your house filters are cleaned at least every two months. Either you have an air conditioning unit or a heater, the filters on those units should be spotless.

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  1.    Carpets

Get washable rugs and carpets! Germs, allergens and dust mites thrive in your rug or carpet. Wash or scrub them (following the proper way of cleaning them) at least twice a week.

  1.    Fabrics

Follow the instructions on how to wash your fabrics properly. This way, you will be able to maintain the color of your textile longer.   

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  1.    Squeaky doors and cabinets

Lubricate your door and cabinet hinges every 6 months.

  1.    Fire extinguishers

You may think this is off the topic but hey, don’t you think preventing fire ensures you are maintaining your property well? Check the expiration of fire extinguishers. If you can’t see any expiration date, you may want to contact your local fire departments and other experts to help you identify if your extinguishers are still functional.

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  1.    Pest control

Look out for mice nests near your cables and wirings! Protect yourselves and your house from termites. Call your local pest control company to check if treatment is needed as soon as possible.

  1.    Smoke detectors

Check the expiry date of the battery on your smoke detector. Normally, it should last 10 years from the date of manufacture. Replace the battery every year.

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  1.    Avoid clogs

Don’t throw leftover food in your sink. Use a drain-gate or screen to filter your drain’s opening. Pour hot water through the sink drain after washing greasy kitchen utensils.

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  1.  Tiles

Avoid having stingy tiles by cleaning them on a regular basis. Have those bathroom tiles cleaned every week to prevent germs from accumulating. Make sure that those grouts in between the tiles are sanitized with a toilet bowl cleaner. Finish it off by mopping the tiles with warm water. Kitchen floors can be cleaned every two weeks.  

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  1.  Doors and windows

Check your doors and windows every quarter. Seal drafty doors and windows as needed or repair as necessary. Well maintained windows and doors will keep your home warmer during cold season and cooler when the temperature is hot.  

  1.  Screens

Vacuum or brush your window screens at least every month. Replacement of occasionally cleaned screens can be after 10-15 years.


  1.  Hole in the wall

If you see any small hole in your wall and you think it doesn’t need repainting yet, rub a white soap over the hole or a crayon for a colored paint.

  1.  Roofs

Inspect your roofs for leaks and cracks at least twice a year. Do some repairs if needed. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by it, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

  1.  Leaks on your toilet tanks

If you notice an increase in your water bill, you might want to check leaks on your toilet tanks. Pour some colored powder or dye on the tank to check the leak for yourself. If your toilet bowl gets colored after 10-15 minutes then you should have your tank repaired.

  1.  Clean your walls

Keep the dust off your walls and not just repaint it. Repainting can be done within five to seven years after it was last painted.

  1.  Keep an eye on your defrosting refrigerator

Maintain wooden floors in good condition by not allowing liquids or water stay on it, especially when defrosting your freezers.

  1.  Have a heart for your wooden furniture

Keep rubbing alcohol away from your wooden furniture. Polish it every four to five years or as needed.

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  1. Be a responsible pet owner.

Designate proper areas for your pets and educate yourself how to keep them away from scratching your furniture.


  1.  Consistency

Lastly, consistency is the key to a well-maintained home.  Make sure that you are able to do the things constantly so as not to fail in keeping your home well maintained.


These are some easy tips to keep your home in tip-top shape. Aside from home maintenance, you can also do some major redecorating, you can read about it here.

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